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Champ Cherry Soda was created by Abe Levis, founder of Philadelphia's famous hotdog emporium,Old Original Levis on 6th Street, opened in 1895. One of his famous sodas, originally called "Champaign Cherry" was served out of the world's oldest soda fountain, pictured here. Abe was a Phillies fan and when his beloved team won the National League Championship in 1950,Levis celebrated by changing the name of his popular soda to Champ Cherry,which made it even more popular.

Today, visionary soft drink guru, Elliott Hirsh, and his Amazing Beverages company is bringing back this iconic drink for fun, refreshment, and with the hope that the Phillies will win yet another championship. "Think Champ! Drink Champ!"

Amazing Beverages, Inc., 1921 Wharton Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046 215-886-9356

"Old Original Levis" and "Champ Cherry" are registered in the US Patent Office by Amazing Beverages, Inc

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